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Lake Stevens Garage Door
Lake Stevens Garage Door specializes in customer service and in garage door service.  We mean that, it's not just the jobs we do, it's the people we help that's important.  From small repairs to large installations, Lake Stevens Garage Door can help, day or night.

We've handled repairs from natural disasters, accidents, broken door openers, hazardous door springs, and even providing full installations.  Giving customers the most affordable installation while maintaining the highest quality level of craftsmanship, and that means the parts and hardware we work with are second to none, is the most enjoyable thing we can do at Lake Stevens Garage Door.  Mainly, because it's the right thing to do.
Lake Stevens Garage Door has been in business in the Lake Stevens area working with homeowners, future buyers, industrial property managers, municipal complex supervisors and even state and local authorities to install the best garage doors around; and our repairs are second to none since we employ some of the most highly trained technicians in the area.  People have been counting on us for over a decade to arrive on site on time and deliver on our promise of quality work.  Why don't you?
The best name garage doors are used in installs, and that means that only the best parts are used when we fabricate them.

When you need repairs, we don't stop off at the local hardware store to replenish our trucks, Lake Stevens Garage Door orders from the most reliable manufacturers in the business, install the highest quality doors we can offer, and we mean business.  Lake Stevens Garage Door can work with any kind of door you've got in your home or business.
Lake Stevens Garage Door Services the Following Door Types:
  • Thermal/ Insulated
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Swing Doors
  • Sectional Roll-Up
  • Overhead/ Tilt-Up
  • Carriage House

We've seen it all when it comes to garage doors, there's nothing the Lake Stevens Garage Door team of specialists can't handle these days.  When it comes to the repairs we do, we spare no expense training our technicians.

Lake Stevens Garage Door Can Repair or Replace Any Part:

  • Garage Door Openers
  • Security/ Safety Devices
  • Hinges
  • Struts
  • Tracks/Rails/rollers
  • Bottom and Top Weather Sealing
  • Cables and their Drum Systems
  • Broken Springs/ Extension or Torsion
  • Garage Door Sectionals/ Paneling

The residents of the Lake Stevens area know who they can count on for speedy and convenient quality garage door repair.  Lake Stevens Garage Door offers several choices of services for those who need them.  Have a real emergency?  Then take advantage of our Emergency Service Plans for same-day repairs.  Our free assessments, On-site Consultations, Safety Inspections and 30 Day Price Quote Guarantees apply to all customers, even those who need us right away.  Lake Stevens Garage Door technicians can be to any home or business in about 30 minutes after we hang up. 

Need garage door help but you're on your way to work?  Lake Stevens Garage Door understands, and if we can't be there that night, Lake Stevens Garage Door technicians can schedule a free assessment of damages and even begin repairs during the evening and even on weekends so you can keep working.  Our job is to work around your job and life if we have to, it's our asure. 
Lake Stevens Garage Door Installation Services are Second to None.  If you think you might need extreme repairs to your garage door, on rare occasions it can be much more affordable to dispose of your old door and let Lake Stevens Garage Door provide you with a new modern door.  If this is the case, let one of Lake Stevens Garage Door professional technicians advise you when to do this, if we can repair it, don't worry, that is exactly what we will do.  If you need a new door for an existing or new home or business, Lake Stevens Garage Door can help you there as well.  Our free On-site Inspections and Consultations can mean the difference between a door  that operates well in the space allotted and a door that doesn't need to be there at all.  We can also be a great help in matching doors that fit your style and architecture well, don't be afraid to ask!
Lake Stevens Garage Door is only in business because our customers rely on us to get the job done well, and to deliver the greatest customer service experience while we do it.  Let us show you why we are trusted among residents of the Lake Stevens area today, and we can your garage door working in no time.