Reinforcing Your Garage Door’s Security

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How to Strengthen a Garage Door

A lot of people that choose to save time, money, and energy choose lightweight materials for their garage doors. However, scrimping a few bucks on your garage door can prove to be a bad idea as you lessen the security of your garage and your home.

Ideally, a garage door should be created with steel bracing. In some lightweight garage doors, there is a need to place double walling or plywood and metal reinforcements. Here are some things that you can do to make your garage door more secure.

Choose A Metal Garage Door

The most durable garage doors are metal doors as it is very strong, meaning, burglars cannot force this kind of door to be opened. It is also very strong or durable in the way that metal doors can withstand weather conditions and can last for a very long time. Aluminum can be a more affordable choice for a metal garage door, however, if you really want a strong and secure garage door, then choose the steel door. So if you have a garage door that is not made of metal, you can reinforce it by placing metal bracings inside or some kind of metal reinforcement. But if you are still having a new garage door installed, then it is best to buy the garage doors made of metal.

Security Alarms and Locks

Installing garage door locks are one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your garage and your home. Locks can come in various kinds and a homeowner can choose from old fashioned manual locks on their garage doors or they can have the option of installing automatic locks. Security alarms can also be added to guarantee the tight security of your property.

Having a secure garage door is only one way of keeping your home and your family safe. Consult with a professional garage door service now and be a step safer.

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Make Your Aluminum Garage Door Look Great With A New Paint Coating

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Your aluminum garage door may be in need of a new coating of paint if it is starting to look dull and shabby. There are plenty of ways to make your aluminum garage door look new again and one of them is to apply a new coat of paint. Here are easy tips to help you get the job done.

First Step: Cleaning

It is very important to clean the garage door first before applying any paint on it. Over time, your garage door may have accumulated dust, grime, and other kinds of dirt. You should also wipe the surfaces and scrape off any rust, old paint that may be peeling, and grease that may have stuck in your garage door. Use soap and warm water with a soft scrub to clean the surfaces.

Second Step: Preparation

Before painting on any kind of surfaces, make sure that it is dry. Paint will not adhere to wet surfaces so leave some time for your aluminum garage door to dry. Allow at least 12 hours for it to be totally dry and once you are sure that the surfaces of your aluminum garage door is dry, apply a coating of primer. The primer must be mixed with at least an eighth of solvent to make it thinner. After applying the primer on your aluminum garage door, leave it to dry for a whole day or about 24 hours.

Third Step: Painting

Choose a large brush for painting as this will cut down the time you spend painting your aluminum garage door. Painting aluminum garage doors are easier than painting wooden ones as you won’t have to worry about following the grains, however, it would also be best to minimize the visibility of strokes. A second coating would make your garage door look much better so it is advised to apply a second coating after the first coating has thoroughly dried. When applying the second coating, you should make your brush strokes as even as possible to ensure a beautiful finish to your aluminum garage door.

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Customize And Design Your Own Wooden Garage Door

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If you want your garage door to reflect your style, then the best manner in which that can be done is by designing your own garage door. The most important thing to do when designing your wooden garage door is to make sure that all the correct measurements have been taken down. Therefore, measure the garage opening, the height and the width of the garage door opening. Once that is done, look at the various styles that are available in the market. Choose a hinged, sectional door since it is easy to lift by hand and through an opening mechanism. Choose a one piece door if you have a one-car garage.

Windows should be incorporated in the design as they allow you to look outside and take precautionary measures before opening the garage door. Windows also allow you to make sure that you steer clear from cars or pedestrians when you are taking out your car in the dark. Draw the house and incorporate your garage door design. Then, transfer it into graph paper so that your measurements on paper reflect the true dimensions of the house. This is important as garage doors are very hard to return.

Colour your wooden garage door so that it suits the rest of the house. You can buy painted wooden garage doors or those that are vinyl coated. Use more than one color on the garage door is the house is painted in more than one colour. The windows can be outlined with a colour that has been used on the house as well.

Once your door is designed and is ready to be installed, buy a mechanism that supports the weight of the door. If you buy a week track system, the door can collapse and cause serious injury or death. Make sure that the track system is of the best quality and comes with warranties. Instructions that are easy to follow should also be provided so that the correct installation method is used.

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How Can You Repair Your Garage Door Yourself?

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Repairing a garage door is usually very simple. The garage door opens through tracks and the springs of the garage door provide the main force through which they are opened. These two things need to be maintained to make garage door repair easy.

The first thing that should be checked is the metal track on your garage walls. The main support through which these tracks are held in place should not be loose. If they are, then tighten the screws of the brackets. If tracks are dented or damaged in any way, they can easily be flattened by using a block of wood and a hammer. Tracks that are damaged beyond repair should be replaced.

Another way to repair garage doors is by ensuring that the tracks are straight and perfectly aligned with the garage doors. If the tracks are not aligned, loosen the bolts and screws from the mounting brackets and adjust the tracks so that they are perfectly aligned. After making sure that the tracks are as they should be by using a level, the bolts and screws should be tightened back into place.

Rollers and the tracks should be cleaned regularly to make sure that no dust accumulates or no grease hardens in the tracks. When this is done, the garage doors will open smoothly. A strong household cleaner can be used for this purpose.

Loose screws, bolts and other garage door materials can be dangerous. Make sure you inspect your garage door thoroughly once in a while. Your garage door might not be operating smoothly because of loose hardware. Mounting brackets and hinges should be tightened regularly. An enlarged screw hole should be fixed by using a bigger screw and fiber plug, which is glued and then put into the enlarged hole. Cracked wood near hinges should be filled. The hinges should be removed to fill the cracks and once the wood filler is dry, the hinges should be replaced. Ideally, the wood should be replaced to prevent the weakening of the wood.

If you have a roll-up door with only a single torsion spring, call a professional repair service. If you try to repair it yourself, the force from that spring could lead to injuries.

By following the above mentioned repair checks, you can ensure smooth usage of your garage door.

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Installing A Garage Door Alarm

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Installing an alarm in your garage door can be a good way of adding protection and security to your garage and to your home. However, having it done by a professional garage repair and installation service can be pricey so for those that want to have additional security yet do not have the extra dollars to spend, here is an article about installing your own garage door alarm.

The important thing is to follow the process carefully and make sure that you have the tools needed for the task at hand. Of course, there are tools that are specially designed for the installation of garage door alarm systems; nevertheless, you can make use of standard tools. Here is what you do:

Preparing the Surface

Find the best location for your garage door alarm. Clean this part, especially the surface where you will attach the device. Make sure that the surface is free of grease, dirt, grime, etc.

Finding the Right Location For The Alarm

You will have to find a stud which is near the frame of your garage door. You can use a stud finder to make the task easier and faster but in case you cannot locate a stud, just use drywall anchors.

Mark the Spot

Using a pencil, mark the exact position in the door where you would like the main unit to be placed. Use a carpenter’s pencil so that you won’t have any trouble finding the spot you have marked. At this poin, you can even mark the screw holes.

Drilling Screw Holes and Adjusting the Magnetic Switch

Drill holes in the stud or on the drywall anchors, depending on what you have used. Install the main unit carefully with screws. Find the best spot for the magnetic switches and make sure that the switches can touch when the door closes but not when it is open. Install the magnetic switches and after that, test whether the alarm and the door sensor is functioning well.

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All About Cedar Garage Doors

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You may be considering Cedar for your garage door and that can be a very good choice as Cedar is very beautiful and is also durable. Many people will, however, disagree as they have seen some things to consider when getting Cedar garage doors.  Here is an objective review of Cedar garage doors.


Cedar does not need constant attention for maintenance as it is very resilient and can resist mold formation, termites, moisture, and decay. Due to this fact, the natural color of Cedar will not fade quickly and will maintain its good appearance from the first day it was bought. As compared to other materials, Cedar can be much lighter and this factor is very beneficial for automated garage doors.


Long-term exposure to cold and hot temperatures will eventually take its toll on Cedar and all types of wood. This can cause the some wrinkling on the exterior finish of Cedar.

Things To Consider Before Making That Purchase

  • Inquire about the warranty for the Cedar garage door that you are planning to buy. Some manufacturers and garage door installation services provide at least a year warranty. During this time, you can have your garage door repaired, inspected, and given professional attention for very, very cheap prices. In some cases, you may even take advantage of free consultations and repairs.
  • Ask about the finish used for the Cedar garage door and some tips on how to make it last. Knowing things about the finish of your garage door can help you make your Cedar garage door maintain its appearance for a longer time.

Cedar can be a very good material for a garage door and if you are seriously considering on getting one, it would be very beneficial to have some knowledge about Cedar. You can also make your Cedar garage door maintain its good appearance with constant care and attention.

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Put In A Garage Door Alarm To Add Security

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Adding security and protection to your home is always worth the effort. People can never be too lax about safety measures today. The crime rate in every city or area has gone up every year and the more secure your house is the more peace of mind you will have.

One way to add security to your home is to install a garage door alarm system. Of course, you can ask the professional garage door services to install it for you but why bother if you can do it by yourself? Luckily, there are ready-to-use garage door alarm kits that you can use and install easily.

  • First, you will have to buy the alarm kit. There are good quality ones that you can find from reliable garage door accessory shops.
  • Read the manual that you find inside the box of the garage door alarm kit. It would be best to understand every instruction before doing it.
  • Locate a good spot in your garage door jamb and that will be the spot where you will install the garage door alarm.
  • Prepare the area by cleaning it. If necessary sand it and make sure that it is flat so that you can easily secure the device with nails or screws.
  • Some kits already include the things that will be needed to secure the garage door alarm device. But in case, these are not included, find some good nails and screws.
  • Mark the spot for the nails and screws so that it would be easier to find it when you need to hammer or drill.

Installing a safety alarm in your garage door is very beneficial as it can help to warn you if ever any burglar enters your garage. Invest in a good alarm system for your garage door and you can stop worrying all the time about getting robbed.

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Cheaper Yet Effective Ways To Monitor Your Garage Door

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All of us have experienced accidentally leaving the garage door open for the neighbor’s cat to enter our garage and our home. This can be very dangerous as it breaches the security that we have built for our family. The garage door is, after all, put in to protect our cars and garage and to ward off any curious passerby from entering our homes. But if the garage door is accidentally left open, it may invite burglars to our homes.

  • One of the effective ways to prevent this from always happening is to put up a CCTV of the garage and the driveway inside your home. This makes it possible for you to notice that your garage door is, in fact, open or if someone has entered your premises.


  • However, a modern and advanced monitoring system such as a CCTV can be very costly and frankly speaking, not all people can shoulder that extra expense. A cheaper alternative is to use mirrors that would reflect the view of your garage door to the inside of your home. Through this mirror, you can see if the garage door is left unlocked.


  • Another option is to put anything that can signal that your garage door is open. For instance, you can attach a wind chime or a bell inside your garage and if wind from the outside can enter your garage and make the wind chime sound, then you can tell that the garage door is open. A visual sign can also placed such as attaching a very colorful strip of fabric on the tip of your garage door. It will just keep on moving in the air until your garage door is closed.


  • What about a buddy system with one of your neighbors? Ask a neighbor if they would be willing to call you in case they notice that your garage door is open. Of course, you will also do the same for this neighbor. Most houses in a neighborhood are side by side or facing each other. You can ask the neighbor with the house that is facing yours to monitor your garage and tell them that you will monitor theirs too.

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How Your Garage Door Can Reflect Your Style

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Our house is our place of comfort and it is quite understandable to make this place and everything else inside it or outside it comfortable for us to use. People often will not not hesitate to spend most of their salaries on furniture, appliances, and other things that can make their lives much more pleasant to live.

It can be said that everything inside and outside a person’s home reflects his or her own personal style. Every little thing that can be found inside the house such as the plates, the sofa color, curtains, picture frames are all well thought of because homeowners would like to enjoy nice and durable stuff. Can the same be said for garage doors? Most homeowners think so too. After all, the garage door plays a very important role in a household.

When people select cheaper and lower quality garage doors, that says a lot about the person. Well, people can argue that they may want the more expensive garage door but did not have the money for it so it’s not really a reflection of their taste and style. However, people that have really good taste and value quality would not buy anything that is below their regular standards. Instead, they would try to save up so that they might be able to get the garage doors that are of good quality.

Garage doors can make a home more beautiful from the outside. Not many people will have the chance to enter a home but many will see how it looks from the outside. All too often, the garage door is the first one to be noticed. Naturally, people who look at a house’s garage door will think of the homeowner’s good taste or bad style. So if you want to build a good reputation as a person who possesses good taste in everything including garage doors, pick out the garage door that is of good quality. People won’t know how much it costs but they will notice the good quality it possesses.

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Easy Installation: Modern Garage Doors

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Although it may seem that modern garage doors are more complicated and may be difficult to install, some who have tried say that it is quite easy. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you are planning on installing a modern style garage door.

Before doing any garage door installation, it is important that you have enough knowledge about garage doors. For instance, you should know about the torsion springs and how dangerous it can be to handle these without knowledge and skill. If you don’t have any idea about garage door parts and how it works, perhaps doing a DIY garage door installation may not be your best option. Instead, you can ask the help of the professional garage door services with the installation of your modern garage door. So this article is for people that do have the adequate knowledge about garage doors.

So the first things to look into are the torsion springs. You should know a little something about the kinds of springs used in garage doors. And more importantly, you should know what a torsion spring looks like.  Since you have a modern garage door, inspect the type of springs that your door has. Torsion springs are tricky, complicated, and dangerous to be handled by ordinary people and if your modern garage door has torsion springs, then you can stop right away and just contact the experts.

However, if your modern garage door does not use torsion springs, then you can continue installing it by yourself. The important thing to remember is to read the manual that comes with modern garage door that you have bought. The manual may contain warnings in addition to the correct installation instructions so be sure not to skip any part of the manual. After reading and understanding, you can try doing the installation process step-by-step. Ask a family member or a friend to help you lift the door and secure in place. Perform each step slowly and carefully and often consult with the manual before proceeding to the next steps. As they say, “Slowly but surely”. Good luck!

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